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Tohatsu Mfs Serisi Mfs 30 W

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09 Şubat 2024 - 19:20

Tohatsu Mfs Serisi Mfs 30  W

MFS 30 W: A New Era Begins in Outboard Engines

The Tohatsu MFS 30 W is a groundbreaking model in the field of outboard motors, combining power, efficiency and ease of use.

Technicial Specifications:

Number of Cylinders: 3
Power: 30ps (22.1 kW)
Cylinder Displacement: 526 cm3 (32.1 cu in)
Bore x Stroke: 61x60mm (2.4 x 2.36 in)
Max. RPM Range: 5,250 – 6,250 r/min
Operation: Electric and Manual or Manual Only (Optional)
Control Type: Remote Control or Tiller Handle
Gear Ratio: 2.17:1
Propeller Selection: 8′-14′
Mirror Height: 15′, 20′
Weight: 71.5 kg (158 lbs)
Alternator Output: 12V, 180W, 15A
Product features:

Redesigned 4-Stroke Engine
Upper and Lower Engine Cover Design
Multifunction Tiller Handle
Compact Power

Stylish Design
Proven Technology
Cross Flow Induction
Metal Box Shape Oil Filter
Larger Capacity Oil Tank
Tuned Suction System
Ultra Low Emissions and Approvals
3 Year Warranty Service
High Performance and Easy to Use:

Low Gear Ratio and High Propeller Turning Ability
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Digital CD Ignition System
Large Alternator and Rectifier
Adjustable Steering Friction
Driving in Shallow Water
Power Adjustment and Tilt Possibility
Remote Control (Optional)
Key Features for User Convenience and Reliability:

More Modern Look
Built-in Clean Water Flushing System
Propeller Exhaust
Thermostat Controlled Cooling System
Stainless Steel Water Pump and Covering
High Protection
Aluminum Propeller
Warnings and Protections:

Overheating Warning (Audio)
Low Oil Pressure Warning (Audible)
Safety Rope
Starting Obstruction While Gear is Engaged
Optional Features:

Multi Function Tiller Handle
Variable Idling Control (Optional)
Water Flushing System
Front Shift
Propeller Hub Exhaust
Tohatsu MFS 30 W is a mariner’s outboard motor with a wide range of features, combining performance, reliability and ease of use. As Depar Motor, we present you Tohatsu MFS 30 W with pride and confidence.

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