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Nimbus Boats

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24 Şubat 2024 - 14:37

Nimbus Boats

Nimbus Boats: Pearl of the Sea

The story of Nimbus yachts began with the production of the first five Nimbus 26s. It was founded by an unconscious boatbuilding team on its way to becoming one of Scandinavia’s leading boatbuilding companies and one of the leading brands in the market.

An Unforgettable Relationship with Björn Borg

Introduced in the 1980s, the Nimbus 800 Turbo was the choice for internationally renowned tennis player Björn Borg. The joint marketing campaign was a huge success and Borg provided Nimbus with an autographed tennis racket as a gesture of appreciation. This racket is remembered in a well-preserved form even today.

Sea Love and Adventures

After visiting the Nimbus head office in Långedrag, customers took the new Nimbus home in convoys. A three-day journey to Bergen, covering a distance of 475 nautical miles, became a tradition for 15 years, since these convoys began in 1984.

From Nimbus to Special Designs

In 1998, Nimbus caught the attention of famous Italian designer Nuccio Bertone, resulting in the 26 DC Epoca, a very special and limited version of the Nimbus 26 DC. The Nimbus 26 DC Epoca has become one of the most beautiful and sought-after boats ever produced.

Royal Discretion

The King of Sweden celebrated his 50th birthday on 30 April 1996 and a collection was selected by members of the Swedish Royal Clubs as a gift to the King; A Nimbus 19 Nova with an Evinrude 115hp outboard.

Nimbus Yachts is a brand that has gained a unique place in the maritime world and is known for its quality and special designs. Nimbus yachts, each carefully crafted work of art, continue to offer unforgettable maritime experiences to their owners.

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