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Neta Fisher

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24 Şubat 2024 - 14:49

Neta Fisher

Neta Fisher: Innovative and Reliable Solutions in Maritime

Neta Fisher is a leading brand that offers quality and innovative solutions in the maritime industry. Operating under Neta Shipbuilding, one of Turkey’s leading shipbuilding companies, Neta Fisher attracts attention with its boats designed to meet the needs of sea lovers.

As part of Neta Gemi İnşaat, founded by Kemal DERİ in 2015, the Neta Fisher brand produces superior quality boats by combining with the experienced team in the sector and modern production techniques. With its practical solutions and customer-oriented approach, Neta Fisher aims to offer safe and enjoyable sea journeys to its customers.

Neta Fisher expands its product range and offers innovative solutions by taking into account customer feedback every season. Boats produced with modern production techniques such as Fiberglass and Vacuum Infusion offer a high-level experience in terms of durability and performance.

The company attaches great importance not only to product quality but also to after-sales customer support. Its friendly and experienced staff is always there for customers, ensuring they have a trouble-free maritime experience.

Neta Fisher has an important position in Turkish Territorial Waters and the international market. Each Neta Fisher boat promises its users a trouble-free, high-quality and enjoyable sea journey. Get ready to discover a new life and brand new horizons with Neta Fisher.

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