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Jeanneau’s story began when Henri Jeanneau produced a wooden boat in a hardware store inherited from his father, and then his excitement increased when he achieved success in the competition called “6 heures de Paris (6 hours in Paris)”. In 1958 the shipyard built its first fiberglass hull, and this new material represented the beginning of a new technological era.

The shipyard first launched the powerboat production line called “Sea Bird” in 1963 and produced its first sailboat in 1964. 1970 saw the democratization of sailboats and increased production. That same year, Jeanneau’s Love Love and Sangria models were a huge success, establishing the company as the market’s leading manufacturer and designer of livable sailboats.

In 1976, Jeanneau participated in the single-man transatlantic race with Yves Olivaux and Melody, and this event proved that Jeanneau showed that the Atlantic sea could be crossed. In the 1980s, Jeanneau began participating in powerboat racing and achieved success in various races.

In 1989, Jeanneau launched the first Prestige model designed by Garroni Design and entered the luxury motor yacht market. This enabled the company to sell more than 2,500 boats with its Prestige series.

In the early 2000s, Jeanneau’s Sun Odyssey model was launched and a dynamic growth of the sailboat line began. In 2005, Jeanneau’s production facilities were expanded and the company now has one of the largest shipyards in the world.

In the 2010s, Jeanneau’s Sun Fast 3600 model was announced and the Sun Fast series took the lead. In 2017, Jeanneau began manufacturing in America and celebrated its 60th anniversary that same year.

In 2018, Jeanneau introduced walk-around decks, a new concept for cruising sailboats, and the Sun Odyssey 440, 490 and 410 models won international awards. In 2019, the Sun Fast 3300 was launched, a new addition to the very successful Sun Fast series, developed in collaboration with Guillaume Verdier and Daniel Andrieu, guaranteed to deliver high performance and success.

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