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Dellapasqua Boat Yard History

Almost 60 years have passed since Giancarlo Dellapasqua started building ships. His passion quickly turned into a real job. He started as an apprentice at the Lugaresi shipyard in Bellaria (Rimini) and after just 3 years he passed the exam as a shipwright. Thanks to this title, he was able to register boats up to 150 tons. With this prestigious title, he established a small facility for his modest boatyard in Savignano sul Rubicone; he later moved the shipyard’s head office to Marina di Ravenna.

In 1960, Giancarlo founded the DC brand. That year they built 17 boats together and their hulls crossed the borders of Romagna and were delivered all over Italy. The first DC models were equipped with a flat base; but Dellapasqua later chose to adopt the deep V-shaped bottom for all of its new hulls.

In the same period, they began to participate in motorboat races such as the “6 ore di Milano”; “Maratona dell’Adriatico”; “Pavia-Venezia”; They achieved significant success in races such as the “Centomiglia del Lario”. These experiences led to the emergence of the first DC 4 and DC 5 boats.

In January 1970 the shipyard moved to its current head office located at Via del Marchesato 11 in Marina di Ravenna. The shipyard designs and manufactures cabin cruisers of various sizes and provides a range of services.

In 1990, the prestigious DC brand was left solely to Dellapasqua, who continued to manage the shipyard with his sons. Firstborn Mirco served as general and technical manager of the fiberglass division at the shipyard. His second son, Patrizia, plays an important role in management and financial matters. The youngest, Serenella, also decided to work in the family business.

Starting from 2017, the third generation joined the shipyard’s management team; Alessandro specializes in marine engineering and specializes in both projects and the commercial side of the business.

Dellapasqua’s boats are built to fit the customer, so no two models are alike. The shipyard’s strengths come from its professional approach and reliability. This also applies to second-hand boats, which gain value over time.

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