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Son Güncelleme :

09 Şubat 2024 - 21:24


Mogano Shipbuilding: Experience and Reputation Meet in the Shipyard

Mogano Shipbuilding stands out in Oud Loosdrecht as a shipyard where experience and reputation go hand in hand. After contributing to the success of many reputable shipyards for many years, in 1990 it was decided to open an independent course and Mogano Shipbuilding was born.

This decision made it possible to determine the content of values such as superior class and quality. At Loosdrechtse Plassen, comfortable and fast ships conquered by three similarities are offered in five different copies, solid Dutch production and a starting price of up to € 250,000. The shipyard does not have entry-level models because they represent a quality far above its standards.

Vessels such as the Jan van Gent 10.35 Softtop, Waterdream 850, Barkas 900 Supersport, Waterspoor 777 Aviator and Davy & Ørsted 10.50 Cabin have been carefully designed to meet these high quality standards.

Mogano Shipbuilding attracts attention with its expertise in the sector and customer-oriented approach and aims to maintain its leadership in high quality shipbuilding in the future.

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